Eco-Anxiety Counselling

“The sorrow, grief, and rage you feel is a measure of your humanity and your evolutionary maturity.

As your heart breaks open there will be room for the world to heal.”

~ Joanna Macy

We are living through deeply challenging times. Climate change and environmental destruction are creating visible impacts worldwide. We are now in the grip of the sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history, this time caused unequivocally by humans.

At the same time, there are more people and organisations than ever working to protect the beauty and diversity of our natural world.

Eco-anxiety is the emotionally sane and rational response to the threat of the environmental crisis.
Feeling despair, grief and loss is the price we pay for being conscious of a sick world.

I work with clients who commonly experience:

• Anxiety

• Uncertainty about having children

• Fear for the future

• Grief for what we are losing

• Burnout, a feeling that ‘it’s all on me’

• Isolation – you don’t want to burden others with your fears

• Relationship issues – perhaps your friends or family don’t understand the situation or your concerns

• Shutdown & numbness

• Feeling powerless, a lack of agency

• Guilt that you’re not doing enough

• Hopelessness

I strongly believe that taking time to understand ourselves and our emotions can bring deep change to the world, and to the social and ecological crises we are facing.

At the core of eco-anxiety, there is a profound sense of loss. While there are no easy solutions to solve the crisis we are in, we can turn this shared anxiety into a force for good, if we allow ourselves to sit with, talk about and process how we are feeling.