Counselling & Psychotherapy

“The insights that I gained in our sessions together have still been rippling out for me and I am very grateful for having had that connection with you. I really love the way that you work – your openness to playful energetic sensitivity and the clarity of your care. I always emerged from our sessions with a deeper love and understanding for myself”.

~ Madeleine

We are complex and diverse beings, born to connect with others and the world around us.
Many of our own problems stem from a feeling of separateness and disconnection.

When we split off from parts of ourselves, we may feel lost, depressed or angry. We may struggle to find meaning in our lives, and our relationships may suffer.

Psychotherapy allows us to face these struggles and challenges, so that we can transform into a deeper and more meaningful relationship to life.

My therapeutic approach incorporates somatic (body) awareness, personal reflection and creative processes.

My core training comes from Process-Oriented Psychology, where challenges and disturbances in our lives are seen as an invitation to more wholeness, if we can be curious enough to explore them. I also incorporate the modalities of Internal Family Systems (IFS), as well as Existential, Jungian and Ecotherapies.

I am particularly passionate about working with people to navigate through:

• Times of uncertainty

• Eco-anxiety

• Grief and loss

• Relationship issues

• Burnout

• Anxiety

• A lack of meaning and purpose

Therapy allows us to shine a light on our habitual thoughts, patterns and unconscious behaviours, giving us space to move through our lives with more freedom and purpose.

My job as a therapist is to join you on a journey of peeling back the layers, helping you make sense of what you discover on the way, as you find your way back to your deepest and most authentic self.