I hold Nature connection workshops as well as eco-anxiety & grief workshops.

These can be tailored to the needs of participants and held as stand-alone workshops or a combination of both. Get in touch here to discuss the needs of your group.

Ecotherapy & Nature Connection

As the pace of life increases, there is a greater need to take time out, breathe and reconnect to a deeper part of our being.

Studies have shown spending time in Nature helps calm the nervous system, lowers blood pressure and improves our mood.

These workshops are a chance to slow down from our busy lives. We use meditation, mindful walking, journaling and ecotherapy to tune in and observe the world around and within us.

Eco-Anxiety & Grief

As conversations around the climate crisis and our lived experience of it continue, it is easy to feel anxious, burnt out or hopeless about the situation.

I have facilitated workshops for both adults and teenagers – working with schools to bring this program in. We explore the psychological impacts of the environmental crisis, what eco-anxiety is how we can cultivate emotional resiliency in a time of intense change.

Coming together to share our experiences, learn coping strategies and connect with Nature is crucial in staying grounded, present and engaged with what’s going on.